The Fortnite battle pass trailer came with…something of a surprise this morning. It was already a whole thing, with a brand-new faction concept for the first time in the game, as well as a much more involved battle pass page in-game. But it was the last little moment that really struck people: at the end of the trailer we saw our standard ad for the pass, with…Deadpool at the bottom? Marvel’s foul-mouthed, R-rated superhero has always been a prime candidate for a Fortnite skin, but I don’t think anyone expected for him to unveiled in quite this strange way.

When you look at the battle pass, however, Deadpool isn’t on any of the tiers. He’s not one of the agents of the main season, but you can find him under the battle pass tab nonetheless. Here’s what you do: head into the battle pass screen/secret lair. You’ll see a little air vent with an interaction icon above it. Click on it.

Through the air vent you’ll see what we’ll go ahead and call Deadpool’s office: it’s a bathroom with a computer in it. When you log into the computer, you’ll see some challenges. The first asks you to find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games, which is just on the ground next to the computer. After that, you have to *not* thank the bus driver. That’s all we’ve got for right now, but we’ll get new ones every week.

It is virtually certain that this is how we’re going to get the Deadpool skin. It looks to be a variation on the challenge skin for the season, an idea that has been through several different iterations since it first showed up in Season 4. This seems like the most story-heavy version of the challenge skin yet, which I appreciate. The battle pass in general does a better job with narrative than basically any season before.

So, like all challenge skins, this one will require us to wait. But if you want to get a jump on completing all of those Deadpool challenges for his eventual reveal, this seems to be how you’re going to get it done.