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Baldness is something that affects plenty of people across the world. A source of worry for men, as well as women, hair loss tends to happen as we get older but can also happen early on in life as well, depending on the person. Through people who are losing their hair shouldn’t feel any shame, there is still a stigma attached to someone not having a full head of hair. Fortunately, scientists are one step closer to curing baldness.

A team at the University of Manchester found a compound inside a drug meant to treat osteoporosis that can actually help hair follicles grow. Scientists used scalp follicles from 40 male hair-transplant patients and initially treated them with cyclosporine, a drug that suppresses transplant organ rejection.

They found it actually affects growth regulators by hindering a specific protein called SFRP1, which keep hair from growing. However negative side effects don’t make cyclosporine vert reliable.

Scientists ten tested other compounds and found way-316606, an agent that suppressed SFRP1 even more than other drugs. The treatment makes scientists hopeful but more research and clinical trials need to be done so the effects of the drugs can be seen on an actual person’s head.