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6 hair and skincare tips to be summer ready

With summer comes melting make-up, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky hair. Hence, it is important to give proper care to your skin and hair. Sushma Khan, National Creative Director-Makeup, Lakmé Salon, and TIGI Educator Audrey D’Souza list tips to make your make-up

This Anti-Candida Ayurvedic Diet Might Be The Most Nourishing (And Delicious!) Cure

If you’ve had thrush a couple of times in a year, you’re feeling exhausted even after eight hours of sleep every night, or you’re experiencing some serious bloat after eating, you might have candida overgrowth. First, consult your GP to get

5 common skincare mistakes you might be making

Whether it’s going to bed with some (or all) of your make-up, not drinking enough water or forgetting the benefits of eye cream, we all make skincare mistakes from time-to-time. However, some mistakes could be worse than others when it comes to the