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Yoga unfolds many benefits for adults as well for kids. With today’s lifestyle and pedagogy, it’s important to take special care for a healthy body and a peaceful mind at their young age. If our children become aware about the benefits of yoga and adopt it from an early age, they can live much healthy and strong life, indeed.
Kids can significantly benefit from yoga in many ways, and in some ways even more than it foster adults. To list a few, following are the benefits of yoga for kids:
1.Concentration: By learning some breathing exercises kids can bring tremendous change in their concentration level and hence, they can focus better on their short term as well as long term goals.

2.Improves flexibility and strengthens the body: Yoga further enhances the innate flexibility of kids. It also helps in strengthening the body which results in fewer injuries, especially when kids are involved in sports activities.

3.Keep Calm: We might not be aware but our kids sometime deal with lot of frustration and agitation. So why wait for them to land up in such unwanted situation and then try to pull them out of it. Instead, we should encourage them to do yoga so that they can learn how to keep calm beforehand to know how to react appropriately in any situation.

4.Mindful exercise: Children learn to guide their bodies through different poses, henceforth they learn more about their minds and how they can it affect their attitude and approach towards their life.

5.Positivity: Positivity is something we all yearn for, still with minimal efforts we try to bring it in our lives. Yoga helps children to love themselves and others, as they are and also to keep their calm. Thus, a body full of positivity emerges out of the young ones.

6.Discipline and Responsibility: Learning yoga makes kids more disciplined and responsible in their life. Therefore, we can expect better academic results and focused career from them.

These are just some of the benefits of yoga for children. Just encourage your child to practice yoga regularly, may be practice together while watching certain Yoga poses from the internet and see what change it can bring in your child’s life; a change that you and your child would always cherish!