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Kids raised in ultra-clean homes face greater risk of leukemia: study

RAISING kids in ultra-clean homes increases their risk of developing the most common form of childhood cancer, a major review found. Failing to breastfeed, giving birth via C-section and cocooning babies away from other tots also make it more likely. Acute

Yoga In Schools May Help Kids With Anxiety

Shutterstock At a time when stress in U.S. schools is on the rise, the results of a new study hammer home what others have shown: that yoga in schools may be a great benefit to kids’ mental health. The results, published in Psychology Research

Exercise is more precious than ever. So let’s stop scaring kids off PE

When I was growing up I routinely bunked PE lessons. I saw PE as optional – it was on the timetable, but no one seemed to care if you didn’t attend. PE was for sporty kids anyway, and I wasn’t one