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Your thyroid will thank you if you do this
Last year I hit 40, the big four-zero, and a lot of things started to change for me. I felt my body metabolism slowing down – leading to constipation, weight gain, fatigue; my skin and hair began to lose the lustre and shine it had during my 30s and emotionally I noticed myself becoming a bit sluggish, disinterested and less enthusiastic. Just as a routine check up, I got my blood tests done, and was devastated to find out that all my symptoms, which I was attributing to my age, were in fact symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Without wasting any time, I started the medicines as prescribed by my Homeopath. My symptoms started improving, but my doctor also told me that to truly enhance my thyroid’s functioning, I had to change certain aspects of my life pronto. It was then that I realized that the extra effort needs to come from ME if I wanted to go back to my old (or younger) self.

Modifying My Diet

* Constipation was uppermost on my mind because it was my most distressing complaint. And the biggest fighter of constipation is FIBRE. I ditched the chips, biscuits and junk foods and started snacking on salads, beans and fruits instead.

* As far as vegetables were concerned, I had to avoid cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and kale as they can block the thyroid’s ability to absorb iodine, which is essential for normal thyroid function.

* I also switched from sea salt to iodised salt. Iodine is the precursor for the production of thyroid hormone and hence an essential nutrient for thyroid functions.

* Another important nutrient I included was selenium because it helps the thyroid function properly. Snacking on a handful of nuts (Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, hazel nuts, etc), and adding them to my salads or stir-fries also helped to break the monotony.

Remodelling My Life

* We all know how good exercise is for us, and whenever we go to a doctor, they almost always ask us to exercise as a solution to most of our health issues. But doing the right exercise is extremely important.

* After consulting my doctor, I increased the amount of cardio-respiratory exercises such as swimming, running and brisk walking. Not only did it help me in losing weight but also improved my thyroid function.

* Yoga was another blessing for me. It helped me relax, de-stress and improved my flexibility and energy levels.

* Another thing my physician mentioned was adequate sleep. I avoid staying awake too late at night, and hit the sack early. As a result, I woke up feeling fresher and more energized than before.

Today, I am more in control of my health and this has helped tremendously in improving my thyroid meter as well as my overall wellness meter.

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