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Is It Even Possible To Do The Keto Diet If You’re Vegan or Vegetarian?

Let’s get real for a sec: The keto diet is pretty much a godsend for meat- and cheese-lovers everywhere. But uh, what if you don’t eat meat or fish? Or abstain from animal products altogether? Can you jump on the keto

Cancer: ‘If exercise was a pill it would be prescribed to every patient’

Exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients, and not to do so would be harmful, some of Australia’s leading experts on cancer have warned. The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia has launched its position statement on the role of exercise alongside


Zayn Malik‘s now under the watchful eyes of Gigi Hadid … if that new ink’s really her eyes tattooed on his chest. The former 1D singer celebrated his 25th birthday over the weekend and Gigi posted this video of her BF … shirtless