Losing Hair? Get The Best Consultation From India’s Leading Brand

Hair loss can aggravate due to certain contributing factors like pollution, a nutritionless diet, or chemically exposed hair products. With time, these factors surfaced and other factors like stressful life and unhealthy lifestyle contributed more to the increase of hair loss.

Our hair contributes to our overall personality. We tend to style it differently to be more presentable and confident. But hair loss makes us lose that confidence in some way. We end up stressing more about it, which is also a contributing factor.

So, instead of stressing about hair loss, you can find out what are the possible causes and understand what might be the cause of your hair loss. After that, you can consult with an expert, the treatment that can prevent it. It is important to keep in mind that the type of hair loss treatment depends upon the intensity of hair loss.

What Is The Main Cause Of Hair Loss?

Wherever you go for a hair fall consultation, the first thing that a hair specialist will do is to find the cause of your hair fall before recommending any treatment.

The following is a list of possible causes of hair loss.

  • Stressful Lifestyle: Our daily lives become more and more stressful as we grow up. As adults, we have to multitask to stay ahead. In the process, we forget to take care of our health. This stress affects our health and causes many problems. Hair fall is one of the common results of this stress.
  • Workout without nutrition: Maintaining good looks has become extremely popular among the young generation these days. Having a slim and fit body with a pleasing personality is important. To do so they indulge in excessive workouts. But it is imperative to know that a nutritional diet must accompany your workout routine. A protein-rich diet must be followed with your routine. Not doing so results in hair loss.
  • Family History of Hair Loss: Wherever you go for a hair fall consultation, your expert will first ask you if you have baldness running in your family. This is mainly because male and female baldness pattern is very common and the major cause is a family history of hair loss.
  • Irregular Sleep: Our body gets accustomed to a certain type of schedule that we follow in our daily lives. Like at what time we eat, sleep, wake up, or exercise. Any diversions from this schedule cause our body to react. For example, if we do not sleep properly, it can cause stress and result in hair loss.
  • Chemical Exposure of Scalp: Excessive use of products containing chemicals that can harm the scalp is also a cause of hair loss. These chemicals damage the roots and hence the growth of hair is affected. These harmful chemicals could be in your shampoo, conditioner, or hair serums that you are using regularly. Also, hair sprays and other products used for hair styling can be a contributing factor.
  • Underlying Medical Conditions or Ongoing Treatments: Hair loss could also be a cause of some other health issue that you are facing or the medical treatment you are taking for it. It is suggested to consult your medical history with your hair consultant to find out if that could be the reason for your hair loss.

Best Hair Fall Consultation in India

After finding out the cause of your hair fall, the next step is to consult a hair expert. It is necessary to choose an expert for hair fall consultation because only they can guide you through the treatment that can help you eradicate the causes of your hair loss.

But choosing an expert can put you into the difficulty of whom to trust. Advanced Hair Studio comes to your rescue to get you out of this dilemma. We are experts in our field. Our experts offer the best consultation for hair loss and treatment for whatever may be the cause. They have years of experience and understand the support and treatment that any person with hair loss requires.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we have solutions for all types of hair loss, whichever the reason may be. Along with offering the treatment, our experts also understand that hair loss can also cause self-consciousness in people about their looks. That is why they support their clients and assure them about the positive results of the treatment.

Best Treatment for Hair Loss

After carefully examining the cause of hair loss, your hair expert will suggest the best treatment suitable for you. There are several hair loss treatments available and it depends on the intensity of hair loss, which treatment is suitable.

The following are some of the ways for hair loss treatment depending upon the reason or the intensity of hair loss.

  • Home Remedies: Losing hair strands between 50 to 100 in a day is considered normal. But if you are losing a little more than that you can try some home remedies like applying aloe vera to your scalp or applying beaten egg to gain more volume. Adding a protein-rich diet can also help to reduce the not-so-intense hair fall. But it is not always necessary that these household remedies may work for everyone. You must lookout for any adverse effect that it may cause and wait for at least 2 months to see some results.
  • Supplements: If you are experiencing a sudden change in your hair health, it may be because of a lack of vital nutrients, like vitamins or folic acid, in your body. Your hair consultant may run some tests to find out the levels of these nutrients and according to the deficiency, they may suggest the supplements. Generally, it takes 4-6 months, after you start taking the supplements, for the results to show.
  • Medications: If you are experiencing a high level of hair loss. It could be because of some underlying disease. In that case, your hair expert may put you on medication. For example, people with pattern baldness, male or female, are suggested medication like finasteride or minoxidil.
  • Surgical Treatment: Sometimes hair loss is extensive. In such cases, medications or other treatments may not work or may take a longer time. Therefore, your hair expert may suggest treatment like a hair transplant. It is an efficient way to gain quick results. You must choose the best hair procedure before starting your treatment.