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Garlic Oil And Other Herbal Oils May Help Treat Lyme Disease: 4 Garlic Oil Benefits

Essential oils extracted from garlic and other common herbs may hamper bacterial activity that is responsible in causing Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a form of arthritis caused by bacteria that are usually transmitted by ticks. The study, which was led

4 Ways To Repair Sun And Saltwater Damaged Hair

If you aren’t spending your summer at beach, what are you doing, really? A beach getaway is an annual ritual for many of us which makes us look forward to the scorching months. And sometimes, in the excitement of soaking in

Calories In Cucumber: 4 Interesting Ways To Use Cucumber In Your Diet

It is not officially summers, if you don’t have enough green and crunchy cucumbers raiding your kitchen pantry. They are in your sandwiches, a staple for your salads, and can be found in so many lip-smacking dips too. Long story short,