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Lea Michele’s beauty tip will give you the skin of your dreams

Celebrities are forever stepping out looking utterly heavenly from head to toe. We’re left wondering how they do it but when asked to share their secrets they often smile coyly and say not very much at all. Image: Getty. This is

Soothe Your Summer Skin and Hair With These Must-Have Beauty Masks

Don’t let your skin, hair, or scalp fall victim to rising temps, heaps of humidity, or the festival of frizz that occurs after an unexpected rainstorm this summer. Whether you’re battling clogged pores or suffering from sunburn, these beauty masks can summer-proof your beauty routine. What beauty masks will

Hair, skincare and beauty tips for the summer bride

Getting married in summer may not seem as romantic as a winter wedding, but there are many advantages to getting married in this season. Think great hair for your D-day. But still, every bride needs her A-team to keep her looking