Testament, a new beauty treatment brand, is a tribute to Sophia Chabbott’s family heritage. The fledgling company, which is centered around her Sephardic great-grandmother’s favorite ingredients – the same ones that figure prominently in the celebrated Mediterranean diet, including herbs such as Moroccan chamomile and rosemary – is launching two new products and expanding its distribution.

The company is adding daily use products to its two signature treatment products, Moroccan Chamomile Sleep Mask, $72, 1.7 oz., and Turkish Coffee 3-in-1 mask, $68, 1.7 oz.

The new items include the lightweight and power-packed Damascena Rose De-Stress Moisturizer, which targets the effects of environmental and emotional stress on the skin, and the daily use Ancient Vine Vitality Serum, an oil-serum with passion fruit seed oil, raspberry seed oil and copious amounts of Vitamin C. The products are so new, pricing hasn’t been set yet.

“My grandmother had gardens in Brooklyn,” said Chabbott, former digital director of WWD and editor at Glamour. “My great-grandmother inspired the brand. The Mediterranean diet is a huge part of how I grew up. I started to get really into gardening and volunteered at a community garden in March.”

The brand in July launched the sleeping mask and 3-in-1 mask at saks.com and testamentbeauty.com. The beautiful packaging sets the brand apart, from the Italian glass jars with beech wood tops, which are biodegradable, to the outer boxes, which are festooned with graphic blooms and ripe fruit.

In addition to saks.com, Testament in January will be sold at Anthropologie, Haven Well Within and Poole. “We’re in talks with some other major national and international retailers,” Chabbott said. “More news to come on that front soon.”