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The mid-Victorian ‘peasant diet’: Blighty’s answer to Mediterranean nutrition?

A peasant-style diet abundant in simple fare such as potatoes, vegetables, milk and fish kept the rural poor of mid-Victorian Britain much healthier than their urban counterparts, a study has shown. The research, published in the Royal Society of Medical Journals, explores the impact of regional diets in

How the Mediterranean diet can improve your health

The Mediterranean diet has been in focus for quite some time as a good way to support health, particularly heart health and brain health. Well, a Spanish study now suggests that men who adhere to a strict Mediterranean diet have lower cases

Mediterranean Diet May Increase IVF Success Rate

Eating a Mediterranean diet may significantly increase some women’s chances of becoming pregnant through IVF and giving birth to a live baby, according to a small study. Greek researchers say their findings apply to women who ate healthily in the 6 months before treatment began and only among