brigitte legendary skin overwatchBrigitte, Overwatch’s lovable new mechanic, is getting some awesome new skins. The official Japanese Twitter account for Overwatch teased a brand new skin and possibly a highlight intro, saying that at least one more will be hitting the PTR shortly. If luck is on our side, we could be seeing all of her skins, highlight intros, emotes and sprays by the end of the day.

Overwatch has a tendency to insert skins into the game that correspond to the lore and Brigitte is no different. This armor-wearing outfit features a simpler time, when she served as Reinhardt’s squire. Before she had dreams of filling the old German’s mantle, she was content to fight alongside him, bandage his wounds and take care of him. When the burden got too big, she decided that she had to join the fight on her own, creating a new shield and flail.

My favorite part of the skin is how rustic and thrown together it looks. Like a cross between Rosy The Riveter and a Steampunk wizard, Brigitte dons armor plates worthy of the finest warrior. She also has a hat covering up most of her hair, which requires a fair amount of coding to do. Blizzard obviously takes its time with these skins, it’s the only reason they weren’t up on the PTR when Brigitte became playable.

There are at least two Epic skins and three Legendaries to be revealed, hopefully sooner rather than later. What they are still remains to be seen, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple are completely outlandish: like a medieval knight’s armor or an Egyptian foot soldier.