Yoga is the key to keep stress away (Thinkstock)Yoga is the key to keep stress away (Thinkstock)
Stress is an inevitable part of our lives today. No matter where you are or what you do, modern lifestyles mean that stress is never too far away. And as lives become more fast-paced and hectic, working out tends to take a backseat. Many people assume that the last thing they should be doing when they are stressed out is exercising. But what they don’t realise is the fact that moving your body at this time will actually make you feel better.

The importance of working out when you’re stressed
Agrees certified yoga expert from the Government of India (Ministry of AYUSH and Quality Council of India) Ankita Sood, “Stress instantly disturbs our mind and body. It immediately increases the heart rate, blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels, muscles become tense, breathing is fast and you may start sweating. This sends erratic impulses to the brain centre — Hypothalamus and the mother gland — Pituitary, which then creates disturbed responses. All these factors indicate that one has disturbed the normal functioning of the body and activated stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Balance is what the body and mind should aim for at all times. Yoga is a holistic approach and helps maintain in this harmony. Yoga is the key to keep stress away as the combination of various techniques — asanas, pranayamas, shuddhikriyas, meditation and relaxation help balance the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system. The body protectors and regulators i.e. the ductless endocrine glands are activated. The three humors in the body — vata (wind), pitta (bile) and kapha (mucus) are balanced. Thus, yoga helps in relieving frustration and releasing emotional tension by relaxing the body and mind.”
Adds masala bhangra expert, Riddhi Gupta, “Working out releases certain hormones that help battle your stress hormones. It’s absolutely miraculous how pre workout you could be anxious, stressed or depressed and post workout, that feeling is oblivious. Dance and fitness release endorphins, which are often called the happy hormones. These also ease tension in the muscles, which is great because you tend to ease the body out completely and, at the same time, strengthen and tone it. Stress can be detrimental especially in extreme cases. Movement and rhythm have always shaped the mind positively and therefore, it will have only most rewarding benefits. The body releases happy hormones that make you feel content.”

How yoga helps

“Yoga is not just a physical practice but a holistic way of life. A combination of the following with consistency is very important — shuddikriyas (cleansing techniques), asanas (postures), pranayamas (expansion of bioenergy), mudras (energy-circuit), bandhas (Energy lock), eating the right food at the right time (Ahara), relaxation (vihara), healthy routine (achara), positive thinking (vichara) and meditation. These practices should ideally be done under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher, keeping in mind you health problems, if any.”
The following techniques have many benefits but I am mentioning the important benefits related to stress release.