The new LipSense lipstick range by SeneGence is been listed as one of the top new trendy lipstick range these days. While it has become necessary to explore about the product we are looking to buy, especially when it is a cosmetic product, which can have some adverse effect on the body. Keeping this in mind here are some key facts about Lipsense lipstick.

There are many instances when your lipstick can spoil the day for you. Suppose you have to go to a distant place far away from your house would you be willing to put your lipstick back in every two hours? Or what if you are thinking about something and unconsciously your hand reached your lip. The answer is that your favorite lip color will blew away in seconds. What about that shine, you always wanted on your lips? And yes, what about those mark that a normal chapstick leaves on your lips?

Lipsense long lasting lipstick comes in a range of about 72 lip colors. It will not shed away even if you are drinking, touching, chatting or even rubbing. Its lasting abilities are a result of SeneGence patented super-adhesive lip color formula, a multi-layered lip color process and sealing ‘top coats’ (aka glosses). Not only this, it is waterproof, smear proof, budge proof and does not remove even after rubbing the lips convincingly. The only way to remove is by using a suitable make up remover.

It can be applied by following a simple procedure. Make sure your lips are clean and there is no other products left applied. First line your lips with the color of your choice. Allow it to dry for 5 minutes. Apply the second layer and let it dry. It is also pretty tacky due to the product’s adhesive ingredients. You can use an Oops remover if make any mistake while applying it. Then give the last coating of the lip color and allow to it to get arid. If you run the brush over the same spot a second time before it dries, it can lift off some of the product and create a patchy look.

Then apply the gloss which comes in shiny or matte styles. There you are, ready to shine!

You can use Oops remover to remove the lip color at the end of the day. Instead of it, you can also use some coconut oil and gently scrub with a wash cloth. Using an ordinary soap and water can also help you clean it well. While going outside the Oops remover proves to be a great option.

It gives you the feeling of almost a weightless wear. It does not even show that chinky effect, making you move your lips effortlessly. While it is fine to make thinner and runnier coats while using the lipstick one may find them a little expensive than other such products but it may be noted that this lipstick is not needed to be applied many times a day and hence it will last for 4 to 6 months on an average.

Now the only question arises is whether it contains any harmful chemicals? Well this product is made by ingredients that are approved by FDA, so it saves you doing any harm to your lips. It doesn’t penetrate the skin and go into the blood stream. It is a patented molecular bond which means that it just sticks to your skin leaving you with clean and dry lips. So if you want to learn more about this amazing long lasting lipstick you can browse through the internet for more details.