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Microsoft has made hardware greater of a concern in recent years, what with the Floor Seasoned line ofcapsules and Surface E book pc. But these gadgets is probably just the start of Redmond’s Computerpush. If a pair new reviews are any indication, the business enterprise is also about to jump into the laptopComputer recreation.

Home windows Imperative said Friday that the company is difficult at work on the Surface AIO, an all-in-onecomputing device Pc that could soon be a part of Microsoft’s present Surface product lineup.

The Home windows Relevant file reinforces the veracity of an earlier document from DigiTimes, which claimed that Microsoft could introduce a Floor desktop Laptopin the 1/3 sector of 2016 on the earliest.” Daniel Rubino of Home windows Critical casts doubt on the time frame, although, noting that, “our sourcingsuggests such details are unsure at this time.”

Even though specs are still frequently unknown, each DigiTimes and Windows Primary endorse that the exact timing—and the discharge of the following-gen Surface E-bookmight also rely upon whilst Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake 14-nanometer processors are ready.

We additionally don’t recognise what a Surface AIO would look like, But Thurrott’s Brad Sams points to a patent application that Microsoft filed ultimate year displaying conceptual drawings for an all-in-one Pc.