Fortnite’s World Cup is this weekend, and Epic is starting to ramp up promotion for it by giving out a few freebies in the game.

First up is a new style based around the World Cup logo and color scheme that you can get for free, provided you already own the skin.

That skin would be Fishstick, the weird, mildly unsettling fish creature that was introduced a season or so ago. If you own the skin, all you have to do is log into Fortnite now and you will be gifted the alternate World Cup style for free.

You have until store reset on July 28, this Sunday and the final day of the World Cup, to claim this skin. And if you don’t own Fishstick, he’s supposed to be in the store when it resets later today. We’re also supposed to get the new “World Warrior” World Cup skin at reset today along with a few other World Cup themed cosmetics. This may be the only free offering we get for the event, but I’m hoping for a hidden series of challenges or something that hasn’t been announced yet. But with Overtime challenges and Birthday challenges, that does seem rather unlikely, unfortunately.

I don’t really know what to make of the promotion for Fortnite’s World Cup, as there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of buzz around it, despite it being one of the biggest esports events in history, at least based on its prize pool.

The Fortnite World Cup will kick off Friday and have three days of play that will extend to a final day on Sunday. It’s kind of a weird situation because unlike other esports scenes, it’s possible that many of its top, most well-known creators will not make it to the finals in the end, because even as popular as streamers like Ninja and DrLupo may be, in competitive player, they often are edged out by lesser known players. But I suppose this is how you go about creating new esports stars outside of the streamer class.

But yeah, for this outfit, just log in over the next few days and pick up Fishstick if you don’t have him yet. He’s always an…interesting choice out on the battlefield.