Did you see that blur? It was the HTC 10 becoming instantly available – from unofficial to on sale in a blink of an eye. Here are the prices and carrier offers in several countries.

Update: the official websites have been changed and now say it’s a pre-order that will ship in May. You’ve got some extra time to think about it then, we guess.

Note that there’s no storage mentioned so we assume only the 32GB phone is available.


The unlocked phone goes for $700 and is available in Gray and Silver. The phone is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile networks, but you get no subsidy options.


£570 is the cost, no carrier deals. There is a third color – Gold.


Converting to Old Continent banknotes, the HTC 10 costs €700 in Germany. You can get the phone from O2 on contract (24 months x €30), or SIM-free from Sparhandy or Notebooksbilliger.


The currency rate must be different in France, ’cause it’s €750 over there.

Austria, Finland, Italy, Spain

France shouldn’t complain since these countries will have to pay even more – €800. Update:now down to €750.
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