Glass skin is the newest Korean Beauty trend   | Photo Credit: Instagram

Everyone who hopes to have flawless glowing skin would surely know about Korean beauty routines, which are all about following a good skincare regimen than using generous amounts of make-up. The newest Korean beauty trend that is creating a storm on social media is glass skin – a treatment to get hydrated and dewy skin, which looks as clear as glass.

The treatment is simple and apparently provides clear and luminous skin – a dream for many. It brings out your inner glow and makes you shine. However, to achieve the same, one has to follow the treatment consistently and correctly

Steps to get glass skin:

To start with, use a good exfoliator to remove the dirt accumulated on your face. It will also get rid of the dead skin and leave a smoother texture behind.

Next up, dab some hydrating serum for natural shine. You can also use less serum on the face and let it soak into your skin overnight. If you want, a hydrating face mask will also do wonders instead of using a serum.

Make this into a habit and repeat every night.

If you’re looking for the secret to flawless skin, look no further.