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Licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas knows that the key to achieving a natural and healthy glow has nothing to do with sunbathing for hours. The process also starts long before you brush on the bronzer. Instead, glowy skin starts with quality products rich in vitamins and botanical ingredients (as well as good sleep and constant hydration, of course)—and it’s a look that can last far beyond the last day of summer (which happens to be today).

Vargas is known for catering to the lymphatic drainage needs of the stars for the 2019 Emmy Awards. She spent the weekend prepping the faces of several nominees, presenters and guests—like Naomi Watts, Gwendoline Christie, Rachel Brosnahan, Mindy Kaling and more— with deluxe beauty treatments. Whether you’re a celeb or a regular at one of her eponymous salons, you can achieve the same glow as her red-carpet clients. Her products, aimed at exfoliating, moisturizing and reinvigorating the skin, can be incorporated into your daily self-care regimen. Prices range from $22 to $295–so there’s something for every budget.

However, if you’re serious about skincare, you may want to invest in the entire Glow-Getter product line to ensure the best, year-round glow.

1) The Cloud Bar

Some face washes tend to have too much astringent leading to dry and irritated skin. The vegetable-based Cloud Bar gently cleanses while its coconut and chamomile ingredients work together to remove rough skin and reduce inflammation. The shea butter then sweeps in with vitamins A, E & F for moisturization. For best results, use tepid water to work up a rich lather. Incorporate this gentle bar into your morning and night-time routine and use it for both face and body.

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2) Super Nova Serum

From overexposure to the sun to letting your pores breathe in city pollutants, we unknowingly put our skin under much stress on a daily basis. The Super Nova Serum is a bottle of retinol-rich formula designed to rejuvenate the skin. What exactly is retinol? Think of it as liquid vitamin A designed to soothe and stimulate your skin. Super Nova Serum’s star ingredient is apple cell culture extract which triggers the generation of new skin cells. It also has Persian Silk Tree Extract which reduces inflammation and redness while protecting collagen to reduce fine lines.

The formula may seem sticky at first but it eventually feels weightless after it dries and absorbs into the skin. You can use this during the day but if you do, apply it lightly, let it set and then top it with SPF. If you tend to wear a lot of makeup, then it is best to use this during your PM routine. After cleansing your skin with the Cloud Bar, pat dry thoroughly then apply up to 2 pumps of the serum onto your face, as well as the delicate area around your eyes, neck and décolleté.

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3) Daily Hydrating Cream

If you are proactive about anti-aging, then it’s worth investing in a high-performance cream. Think of it as a winter jacket that you’ll wear everyday to protect you from the elements. Joanna Vargas managed to pack a long list of potent ingredients into a lightweight formula. In addition to the tried and true ingredients of jojoba oil and shea butter for moisturizing, the Hydrating Cream also taps oat amino acids to smooth and protect the skin as well as larch tree to boost skin cell turnover. Most important for any daily cream, it offers UV protection.

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4) Glow To Go Mask Set

There’s a reason why these sheet masks are selling out at department stores. If you are coming off a long flight or spent the night prior drinking more Cabernet than coconut water, give your complexion an instant refresh with one of these face masks. From the Twilight Face Mask to the Bright Eye Firming Mask, each packet has a special blend of ingredients to help you reach your glow. Leave it on to freshly cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes and relax while the cold serum soaks in.

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