Valkyrae skin concept

While Ninja wasn’t the first ever gamer to make their way into a video game with their own character skin or model, it was certainly the most high-profile case, and it seems like it’s going to launch a trend within Fortnite specifically.

Alongside the Ninja skin debut, Epic announced that this would be part of an ongoing “Icon” series that would encompass gamers, musicians and entertainers. Shortly after this, Pokimane and Jordan Fisher each got their own Icon emotes, and future collaborations are promised with creators like Loserfruit and TheGrefg, though whether that means skins, emotes or something else is anyone’s guess.

But Ninja remains the only creator Icon skin in this new era, and impatient fans have started making their own versions of skins and skin concepts for their own favorite players and streamers. Here’s a list of some of the best ones I can find, most of which have been made since Ninja’s skin came out just a short while ago.

Today In: Innovation

Valkyrae (@Zenofymedia)

Here are all three styles for 100Thieves creator Valkyrae, who seems like a prime candidate for a creator skin given her fanbase, and the fact that Ninja could really use a female counterpart at some point in the Icon series.

Lachlan (@IlayKeidar)

Here’s a very cool skin for pro Fortnite player Lachlan. The problem with some of these skins is that essentially, you just have a lot of young twenty-somethings wearing pants and hoodies. Ninja worked because he has a pretty iconic look that could translate well into an exaggerated skin (Ninja mask, blue hair, etc), but I think this does a pretty good job of making Lachlan interesting here.

Tfue (@D3NNI_yt)

The face is pretty perfect here, though you will probably need something past a shirt that says “Tfue” on it if this is going to make it to a final design. This is one of the first Icon skins concepts I saw.

Dr.Lupo (@TheFinalHoss)

This Lupo skin uses a few existing assets, but this is more of what I’m talking about, where you’d have to incorporate some of the creator’s branding and look but also take it to the next level ie. “Future Lupo” here. Good work.

Nick Mercs (@TheFinalHoss)

Another skin from TheFinalHoss, who is somewhat prolific when it comes to making stuff like this. His Nick Mercs is dead on, and he also has made back bling of Nick’s dog for the skin as well.

Myth (@easkateconcepts)

Here again we sort of have the “guy in a hoodie” problem yet I think this is a pretty solid rendition of Myth all the same. He deserves a skin for sure.

Hamlinz (@EvadeCosmic)

Now this one I like quite a bit. Good branding, good use of clothes that still feels Fortnite-ish. Would like to see more from this creator.

BONUS: Arianna Grande (@D3NNI_yt)

Hey, if we’re gonna include musicians in this, might as well have Courage’s girlfriend, right?

Send me more quality ones I’ve missed. Has no one made an *actual* Pokimane skin yet? That’s surprising.