Following the complaints lodged by the teachers association to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for performing non-academic work in private schools, the CBSE has decided to issue a circulation to around 16, 000 private affiliated schools. The 16,000 schools would summit the staff details of both the teaching and non-teaching staff before the CBSE.

In the complaint lodged by the teachers association, aggrieved teachers states that they were asked to perform the task of non-teaching staff such as collecting fees and school bus services besides other administrative duties.


  • Several individual teachers and teachers association complaint to CBSE that private schools asked the school teachers to perform non-teaching works in order to maintain low costs budget. Teachers were asked to perform clerical duties such as collecting fees and calling the parents and informing them regarding tuition fees and also performing school-bus duties
  • “We have been taking up this matter with the CBSE and it will be good if they ask private schools for details of teachers and administrative staff and the duties they perform,” said Sheik Shabbir Ali, president of Telangana Private Teachers Forum
  • Several individual teachers couldn’t even complaint to school authorities fearing loss of jobs. “Unlike government school teachers, private ones can’t even complain for the fear of losing their jobs ,” added Shabbir Ali
  • Some top schools in Delhi have been directed to share information regarding the details of non-teaching and teaching staff. Around 1, 200 schools will share information for that matter to CBSE
  • Teachers were asked to watch the school children during the lunch break time and perform administrative duties like filling up the forms
  • It is speculated that the introduction of continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) has increased their workload. . “There are over more than parameters under CCE and we have to give remarks for each activity for each student. Apart from that we are made to do other odd works which take a toll,” said one teacher from Uttar Pradesh
  • According to CBSE’s directions, private schools should maintain separate teaching staff, non-teaching staff and administrative staff. “By burdening them (teachers) with non-teaching work, we kill their creativity and education will suffer,” said CBSE official.
  • source”gsmarena”