The inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the US unlocked as many meme ideas as there are protests against his actions. But might be the weirdest we have seen – Russian company Caviar sells two 32GB iPhone 7 units with gold-plated backs and embossed faces of the Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The backs also include the coat of arms of the country and the first two lines of the national anthem.

The iPhones come in a wooden box and there are plans to sell them in a globe-shaped box. “We have arranged a personal tête-à-tête meeting of leaders for integration of their forces”, commented brand representatives.

The price is RUB 399,000 or about $6,650 but you can get them separately for RUB 199,000 ($3,313) each.

Caviar does not stop there – it offers patriotic golden docking stations for said iPhones. Well, Winnie the Pooh said “The more, the better” and looks like the company is sticking by that when talking about gold