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Richard T. Wagner wants to dispose of windows 7 from a dual-boot computer, and maintain windows10. His model of windows 7 would not even paintings.

jogging a couple of variations of home windows on one computer gives you extra alternatives,however sooner or later you may probable want to move again to handiest one. And when you do, you may quickly tire of that dual-boot menu that pops up all the time.

you may without difficulty turn off the Boot Menu, but eliminating the preceding version of home windows may be dangerous. those instructions anticipate you have got windows 10 and need to keepit. With slight modifications, they may work with different variations.

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To kill the Boot Menu, properclick on start and pick device. inside the gadget window’s left pane, selectadvanced gadget settings.

0610 device settings 1

in the ensuing gadget houses dialog box‘s advanced tab, click the Settings button within the Startup and healing segment (the 1/3 and ultimate Settings button at the tab).

0610 machine settings 2

This brings up the Startup and healing dialog container. make certain the default working gadget ishome windows 10. Then uncheck Time to show listing of working machine.

0610 gadget settings three

Reboot, and you will find that the menu is long gone.

you may need to eliminate the home windows 7 partition as well, but that would be dangerous. earlier than you try it, make certain no records files are on that partition. additionally, create an picture backup of the entire pressure onto an outside difficult pressure. in order to can help you recover the whole thing if some thing goes wrong.

once you’ve taken these precautions, rightclick start and choose Disk management. perceive the home windows 7 partition; then properclick it and select Delete quantity. Then affirm your choice with a sure.

0610 delete partition 1

The partition will be replaced with “unfastened space,” however it is in all likelihood now not surelyfree. rightclick on that free space and pick Delete Partition. And again, verify your choice.

properclick on the partition you want to growth (It must be touching the empty area), and choose extendextent. comply with the wizard.