It’s extreme I know but I am officially in love with cleansing wipes.

They’re incredibly convenient obviously but they are offer so much more than just ease.

Can wipes really clean skin?Image: Getty.

Cleansing wipes smell delicious and fresh. They’re soft and soothing on the skin and I love the way they feel in my hands too.

I love the ones with ‘exfoliating’ sides and those lavender-scented night-times ones. I’ll tell you what I don’t love quite so much – finding smears of foundation on my bed linen and pillow cases come morning.

And the reason I find those unattractive creamy blotches? Well, sadly it is this – wipes do not remove makeup fully.

I know, it breaks my heart too, but it’s the truth I’m afraid. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Beauty expert Sali Hughs, author of Pretty Honest (Harper Collins) agrees.

“Removing makeup and dirt through proper cleansing is absolutely essential,” says Sali. “And NOT with wipes,” she adds.

Indeed, according to Sali, wipes are really only for those times when proper cleansing is tricky such as when at a festival, flying or, ‘falling down drunk’ and I tend to agree.

You see, if your face isn’t super clean then you’re sporting germs and other icky stuff and that can cause inflammation which can speed up the process of ageing. No thank you!

Eye makeup remover
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Having said that, you should know which wipes are best for when you are in those tricky ‘I need a wipe and a wipe only’ situations because chances are one will pop up sooner or later.

To help you track down the wipes that will suit you best, we’ve collated the following handy list just for you.

And despite what we’ve just said, this lot really are very, very good! You just can’t live on them is all.

Stash a packet in your handbag, on your bedside cabinet and in your desk drawer. You just never know when they might come in handy.

Patchology wipes
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For the Gym Junkie

Patchology Clean AF Facial Cleansing Wipes, $28.

These fresh-AF cleanse like nobody’s business and provide skincare benefits as well – vitamin B5 delivers intense moisture and skin-repairing benefits while biotin gives you that fresh-faced glow, say the folk who make them.

The powerhouse antioxidant folic acid deeply cleans pores and refreshes skin too.

bareMinerals wipes
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For the Traveller

Bareminerals Mineral Cleansing Wipes, $23.

Perfect for incorporating into a double cleanse routine, or for use on their own, these wipes remove almost traces of makeup, dirt and excess oil without stripping the skin of essential nutrients.

They are super effective thanks to mineral micelles, clever little molecules that effectively trap and lifting impurities. Honestly – they do! The travel-friendly pack features 45, use-anywhere wipes.

Essano wipes
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For the Sensitive Soul

Essano Micellar Soothing Sensitive Wipes, $9.99.

These little guys are fragrance free and contain soothing aloe vera for sensitive skin. Also, they are a convenient single-step cleanse which can be beneficial for skin’s that are inflamed or reactive.

They also support natural PH balance of the skin which helps sensitive types too.