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Losing weight aka fat can be a herculean task for many. But it’s not impossible. A healthy diet and daily workout are the two effective and natural ways to lose fats. However, weight watchers often get confused as there is n number of information available online as tips and tricks. We know healthy eating is very important and that’s why diet fads and patterns keep trending all the time. Right now, intermittent fasting and Keto diet are quite in.

You must have heard in your circle too, how your friends and family members are following diets such as Keto, Low-carb diet, Paleo diet and Atkins diet among others. It always better to go for a custom-made diet and exercise regime which is chalked out for you, as per your body type. Unfortunately, there are some who fall prey to wrong information. And that’s why today we are busting five biggest myths that many people fall for.

#Myth 1: You should always have breakfast

Yes, eating breakfast is important and makes you less likely to binge-eating later. When we are hungry we overeat and starvation is a big no-no for weight watchers. However, you can skip breakfast when you are not hungry. Skipping breakfast will not cause slow-metabolism. In fact, for those who are practicing intermittent fasting actually don’t have breakfast and still lose weight. So, have a healthy breakfast but don’t force yourself to eat it.

#Myth 2: Eat frequent small meals

You must have heard this quite often. It is often recommended to raise metabolic rates. The MR gets raised by increasing the thermic effect of food, that is, calories burned from consuming food. But the calories burned in this process is very less. One should know that food intake frequency has a negligible effect on metabolism and not really helpful if you consider the long-term approach.

If you want to lose weight and sustain a healthy weight long term, you cannot rely on this method. You can eat smaller, more frequent meals. But don’t force yourself to eat more meals in hopes of losing weight. As for some, it can backfire and lead to weight gain. The best way to amp up metabolism is to have lean muscles, as they help to burn calories even when you rest.

#Myth 3: Fasting is imperative

Fasting especially intermittent fasting, as I mentioned, is quite popular these days. In this eating pattern, you have to consume or eat few calories during an eating window and fast for 12-16 hours per day.  This is one of the effective methods as fat becomes a source of fuel and we burn extra stored fast. However, IF is not for everyone.

Calorie restriction may lead to fat loss but for some individuals, exercising and even doing daily tasks while fasting can be a huge challenge and can also result in a decrease in cognitive function and you may face other health issues. So, make sure you follow a diet and eating pattern that suits you.

#Myth 4: You can eat as much as you want but it should healthy

Eating clean is important, but concentrating just on the quality of food and forgetting the quantity is where most of us go wrong. For the unversed, eating clean means having natural and whole foods and avoid packaged and processed foods. Overeating of clean foods can also backfire if you don’t burn the excess calories. So, eat clean but also be conscious of how many total calories you are consuming in a day.

#Myth 5: Keep counting calories

Can you count calories and control what you eat forever? No. You can do it for a small period of time and see weight loss but it is not a sustainable way. Weight watchers should have a basic idea of calories of staples but to avoid unhealthy relationships with food and long term wise, you cannot be obsessed with counting calories every time.

So, make sure to have a modest calorie restriction that is harmless and you can continue later as well. Be aware of the calories of food, practice mindful eating and nourish your body with wholesome clean food. A few days ago, we had shared a simple way to know how much to eat so that you don’t have to follow the hassle of calorie counting. Read it right here.

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