We received schematics for the Galaxy S8 duo with dimensions and discovered something amazing – the upcoming S8 will be about as big as the S7 it replaces, but its screen will be as big as that of the S7 edge! Similarly, the Galaxy S8 Plus will have a honking 6.3” screen in a body about the size of the S7 edge.

Now, the rule for screens is that there’s no such thing as “too big,” just look at people’s reaction to the Xiaomi Mi Mix. As with the Mix, slender bezels are key, because there’s definitely such a thing as a phone that’s too big.

With that in mind, we wonder which model will be more popular. It seems that the sweet spot for screen size was 5.5” or so but that’s a number that keeps growing. Will you take a 5.7” Samsung Galaxy S8 and be happy with the more compact body? Or would you go for broke and grab the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, it’s not that much bigger than the current S7 edge, after all. But it is wider, so the perennial super mini fans must be wondering how tiny a 5.1” S8 would have been. Of course, if an S8 is that big, how huge would the Galaxy Note8 be?

What do you think of Galaxy S8’s screen size?

A 5.7″ Samsung Galaxy S8 is ideal

Where’s the 5.1″ Galaxy S8?

Go bigger, a 6.3″ Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus