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Want Glowing Skin? Eat These 10 Hydrating Foods

Last Thursday, mindbodygreen hosted our second Supper Series in partnership with Sephora, and the theme of the night was hydration. Between two panels we talked about all things water, and the conversation didn’t disappoint—from how to improve the quality of the Earth’s oceans

Include these essential vitamins in your diet to beat winter cold and flu

Winter is here and it is time you tweaked your diet accordingly to boost your immune system and keep cold and flu away. The body does its best to deal with these invaders with a complex process that relies on a

Drop Kilos With These Unique Techniques. Steal-worthy Tips.

Losing weight was never a cakewalk. It requires a combination of balanced diet with regular exercises and a perseverance to stick to the journey you have embarked upon. There are just no shortcuts. Now don’t get us wrong, we are not here to scare you