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The Sugar-Free Diet – Diets On Trial

The Theory For most people, “sugar-free” means the refined kind – found in bread, pasta and cereal, as well as little paper packets in Costa. True devotees try to ditch even fructose – the sugar found in fruit – but we’re

The seven-day GM diet is back – but is it actually good for you?

Bananas are your GM friend CREDIT: BLOOMBERG NEWS Shoulder pads, sequins, and a seven-day diet plan that asks you to eat eight bananas in one day – the 80s certainly gifted us with some weird and wonderful trends. And now (along with the shoulder

Forget lifestyle – we need to end poverty to combat cancer

From the point of view of early diagnosis, treatment, and support for survivors, the new National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026 is an excellent document. However, the prevention section is a big disappointment. According to the foreword by the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, “cancer