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The Obagi Blue Peel is a quick, relatively simple treatment to improve both the appearance and health of the skin.It treats blemishes, facial lines, scars, uneven pigmentation, and even acne effectively. Dr Madhuri Agarwal, Founder and Medical Director of Yavana Aesthetics Clinic, says “It is a brilliant alternative for people with mild to moderate facial wrinkles or pigment marks and those who prefer not to have laser skin resurfacing.” Agarwal tells us how exactly this procedure works, its recovery time, its top advantages and disadvantages, and who shouldn’t go for the treatment.

Understanding the procedure work: The Obagi Blue Peel works by removing thin layers of damaged or aged skin from the face or body by mixing a low concentration oftrichloroacetic acid TCA in a blue solution. After cleaning your skin with the special Blue Peel Prep Solution, Blue Peel is applied typically to face and neck. A mild burning sensation will occur that generally lasts only a few minutes. Then there is a bluish tint to treated skin that usually washes off in 12 to 24 hours.

What does it help to achieve?The Blue Peel replaces old and dead skin cells with new, healthy ones, giving your complexion revived clarity and elasticity. Collagen production is stimulated under your skin to give smooth, supple and fairer skin. Salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid are the special ingredients of the peel, which help to clean out your pores and refresh your skin cells.

Can it worsen pre-existing medical conditions? Blue Peel is one of the safest options available for your skin. If the peel is applied on an active infection, it can worsen it due to bacterial contamination or cause a viral outbreak. Avoiding treatment is advised until the active infection settles down. Long term complications ensuing from the peel are rare.

Number of sittings it takes: The treatment can be given once every 3 months until the desired effect is attained. For most patients, 1-2 peels are enough to give the results.

Is the procedure long-lasting? The outcome of Obagi Blue Peel is permanent, but due to the skin ageing caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, the effects can wear off. Hence, for the desired level of rejuvenation, one more peel is advised after your first session. Following your prescribed skincare routine, a maintenance treatment once a year can keep your skin sooth and radiant.  Read more about Non surgical facial rejuvenation can make you look younger without surgery

What is its recovery time? Mild swelling occurs immediately after opting for Obagi Blue Peel. The skin will start to peel and will continue to do so for about 7 to 10 days after about 2-3 days of peel treatment. Once the peeling stops, the results of your treatment will become apparent. Your skin will steadily improve over the next 4-6 weeks, gradually looking firmer, smoother and more youthful.

Estimated cost of the treatment: The price of an Obagi Blue Peel application can vary. The depth of the peel, the concentration of the TCA, the size of the area being treated, and the number of treatments a patient requires all determine the actual cost for a person.

Who is the right target audience for this treatment? A wide spectrum of conditions benefits from the Obagi Blue peel. The right target audience for Obagi Blue Peel are people who are worried and have concerns of wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, freckles, age spots, sun spots, acne and skin laxity. Read more about 6 best beauty treatments to reduce pigmentation and get clear skin

Who is not a good candidate for this treatment? The ones who should not go for this treatment are:

  • Patients with active cold sores, or who have open wounds or cuts in the treatment area.
  • In case you have a sunburn or very light sensitive skin, this procedure is not suggested.
  • Pregnant and nursing females are advised to avoid this treatment.
  • Patients who have used oral retinoids in the past 6-12 months are not good candidates for Blue Peel, and
  • People who are allergic to aspirin are also contraindicated.

How different is this treatment from other non-surgical treatments? The Blue Peel Radiance is different from other non-surgical treatments because it gives dermatologists much more control on the depth of the skin they are treating. The concerned dermatologist can accurately customize the Blue Peel process to your skin’s individual needs by selecting the number of layers to apply to your skin,

Right age of getting this treatment done: Patients who are in good health and above 18 years of age can opt for this treatment under the correct counseling by their dermatologist. It is vital that the skin is properly prepared for the best results. It takes at least six weeks to prepare the skin for the Blue Peel.

Advantages of Obagi Blue Peel:

1)  The peel can be used to treat various parts of the body, including the face, neck, chest, hands, back, arms, and legs with striking results even in a single session.

2)  The peel works excellently not only as an active corrective treatment, but also as a good preventative and skin maintenance treatment.

3)  Obagi Blue Peel has a special formulation that makes it safe for all skin types to experience the benefits. The peel can be safely used on darker skin types to deliver a visibly lighter, brighter, and smoother skin within 15 days of the first treatment.

Disadvantages of Obagi Blue Peel:

1)  There are no significant disadvantages, except that it is not an instant peel treatment.

2)  There is a downtime of 5-7 days that is similar to other medium depth peels.

3)  The blue peel can be painful for pain intolerant patients, so for these patients’ mild anesthesia is given before applying the peel.