A friend who gained a lot of weight after giving birth to her two children, was desperately looking for ways to get rid of it. She tried diets that were bordering severe starvation; one such included consuming a number of apples and water per day. After the third day, she looked pale and with no energy left, a few kilos lost in the process but there was no way she could continue this harsh diet. She stopped to think of the next step. Reading stuff online, listening to people’s advice, she jumped on the next plan, in the process she had already regained the lost kilos.

It was time for smoothies and weight loss tablets, a month down the road, a few kilos lost, but by now anything like a smoothie made her feel sick to the core. The tablets she took without consulting a physician caused her palpitations and nausea. It was time to quit. This time she took matters in her hands, a full protein meal plan and daily jogging in the park. Three months later the increment the of the red meat component gave birth to painful toes that led to gout. The long hours of running with her weight and not the best running shoes, caused her terrible knee and back pains. During all these yoyo diets, she never consulted a dietician.
She was pushed by her husband, who was now tired from her depression and mood swings, to consult one. When proper analysis was done, it was time for a real healthy plan of action. The dietician explained that there were two options for her now high weight. First, a strict diet based on her body and blood type, the second would be a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the stomach to that of a banana. She was urged to start with the first option as the second would be a drastic step, with no way to go back. So for the last time she agreed to start the strict diet, given this warning: if she, consumes any of the forbidden items, even a little bit, she would go back to square one.

On the forbidden list was, sugar, all kinds of wheat and dairy products, in short, most of the items she happily consumed. At home, things were moving on well, but the real test came during parties and while socialising, and how many times could she say, no thank you, I cannot eat that! The test grew bigger when it was time to go on holiday. Could she pass by all these mouth-watering pasta and pizza menus and settle for a chicken breast with salad, no added sauces? To say no to ice creams and the yummy chocolate placed by the hotel on your pillow every night?

The rules were broken and back to square one it was. It was time for the last option: surgery. Since then, my friend lost over 25 kilos of her weight, but she cannot eat much, she says life is now dull and tasteless. And that if she could turn back time, she would not allow this to happen.