READERS have had their say on the Federal Government’s plan to no longer proceed with randomly drug testing 5,000 social welfare recipients.

Readers had mixed views on the measure with some holding the belief there should be testing.

A poll asking do you think welfare recipients should be drug tested revealed 70% were all for the testing while 27% were against and the remainder didn’t care.

Jason Weston: “Firstly cannabis should be legalised and secondly shouldn’t we be drug testing politician’s, cops, judges and army personal.”

Jason Sladok: “Agree with drug testing for recipients…however don’t agree with putting them on a welfare card because it will mean that they will find other ways to finance their fix putting others at risk.

“Test them, but those testing positive should go through some sort of rehab.”

Lesly Williams: “YEP! Plenty of people who need welfare are always knocked back.”

“Plenty of people who are more than capable of relying on drugs to get through their day, don’t need it.”

Chris Bonner: “Drug test all Dr patients and grocery shoppers gum junkies.”

The Federal Government will no longer randomly drug test social welfare recipients.
The Federal Government will no longer randomly drug test social welfare recipients.

Cassie Hosmer: “Yes. Even just to find out which ones use.”

“Then keep them on file and any needles etc that are found can be linked back to them and they can be charged.”

Caitlin Pardey: “Yes I have no problems being tested to receive welfare!”

“You’ve got to pass a drug test to be paid for many jobs, why not to receive government funds?”

Julie Edwards: “For all of you saying yes are you going to pay for it?”

“Even doctors and welfare mobs disagree with this testing.”

Jenna Luke Bate: “Yes it’s a fantastic idea !!! But the people that are caught need to have rehabilitation offered to them.”