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New Clinical Trial Aims To Detect Cancer With A Quick Breathalyzer Test

Victoria Forster Contributor Healthcare Cancer research scientist and childhood cancer survivor. A new breath test for cancer is being evaluated in a clinical trial involving 1,500 people.Owlstone Medical Ltd Nowadays ‘liquid biopsies,’ the notion of detecting cancer using only a blood

IAF squadrons to conduct exercise, test out Ramon Airport

A joint exercise by the Israel Air Force (IAF) will be held on Monday at the new international Ramon airport in southern Israel. Two squadrons of the IAF, the 120th and the 100th will take part in the exercise. The squadrons

Trials begin of a saliva test for prostate cancer

Doctors have begun a trial of a simple saliva test that aims to spot the top 10% of men who are most at risk of developing prostate cancer. One in eight men develop prostate cancer at some point in their lives. The test draws