Lotus 39 Anti Hair Loss Treatment

The Lotus 39 anti-hair loss treatment developed by Ioan Valentin, CEO of Valentino de Salva, has come to fruition after years of painstaking research. The scientist recently made the formula available on Amazon and the response has been overwhelming, with individuals coming forward to share their personal success stories.

“We have invested 39 years into this life-changing formula to help others make life-changing decisions,” said Valentin.

Lotus 39 works to restore the scalp and hair to a healthy condition by providing the specific blend of nutrients needed for hair growth, retention and rejuvenation, while improving the condition of existing hair with natural botanicals. Application is quick, easy, and the formula has undergone extensive testing for efficacy.

One of the many people that shared their Lotus 39 story was Sam. A man with a scientific background, he’d seen multiple professionals in the hair growth field and utilized numerous prescriptions. The products were expensive, had limited success, and had several side effects, some of which were sexually related.

“I’m an African-American male in my early 30s that started to really lose my hair in my mid-20s,” said Sam. “When I started losing my hair at an alarming rate, I was driven to find a solution.

“After the first week of using the product every day, I noticed my hair loss slowing down significantly,” he continued. “By the end of the first month, my hair was growing faster and hair loss was completely insignificant. I also noticed the beginning of new, small hairs during the second and third months.”

The proprietary formula is equally appropriate for use by women. Approximately one-third of all women will experience hair loss, but they don’t have to suffer in silence. Lotus 39, an effective solution to their problem, has a pleasing scent and improves hair quality for thicker, more luxurious tresses.

Since the launch of the Lotus 39 Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation Formula on Amazon, demand for the hair and scalp rejuvenation formula has increased significantly, along with the number of people contacting the company to express their gratitude and share their personal success stories. It’s a natural, botanical formula that provides an innovative approach to hair loss and hair health.

About Lotus 39
After 39 years of research trials and a passion for natural skin and hair care, Valentino de Salva now presents Lotus 39 – the first-of-its-kind natural, drug-free hair and scalp rejuvenation formula. Lotus 39 provides hair and scalp with the specific compounds needed to promote healthy looking, natural, full-bodied hair.