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Cancer: New compound boosts chemo, prevents treatment resistance

Researchers may have found a way to stop cancer cells from defending themselves against chemotherapy. In a new mouse study, blocking a DNA repair pathway prevented cancer cells from surviving or becoming resistant to treatment. Researchers screened 10,000 drugs and found

How prostate cancer becomes treatment resistant

The development of effective anti-androgen therapies for prostate cancer is a major scientific advance. However, some men who receive these targeted treatments are more likely to develop a deadly treatment-resistant prostate cancer subtype called neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC). No effective treatment

The four-week hair loss treatment challenge

As a blogger, Shalini comes up with easy, daily hairstyles and recreates iconic celeb looks on her blog/vlog Knot Me Pretty. Apart from the constant styling, her hair also regularly tends to be the testing ground for various hairstyling products and