We are just a couple hours away from the launch of Fortnite’s latest crossover, given that these things are neverending. This time, there’s not a movie or show or sports league being promoted, but instead today marks the 80th anniversary of Batman’s debut in the comic world, so DC has partnered with Fortnite in order to prevent Marvel from having all the fun after two events so far.

Today’s event comes with a new Gotham map replacing Tilted Down, new bat-gadgets like the grappling hook and explosive batarang, but also new Batman cosmetics, all of which have apparently leaked online already thanks to dataminers like Lucas7Yoshi and Hypex, though it appears these looks were from promotional videos that got online too early, not anything buried in the code.

We are getting not one but two skins for the Batman event. There’s a Catwoman skin, seen above and below, with jeweled cat back blind and dual grappling pickaxes. She looks a bit like a zipped-up version of the Arkham series Catwoman who rocked the head goggles.

And of course besides her we have Batman himself. He’s got a Batplane glider (that’s awesome) and there are two different styles for him, one of which I assume will be unlockable through challenges in some way. There’s one more stripped down version that feels like it’s closer to the comic or the animated series, and another that seems like the armored “movie” Batman from the Dark Knight era.

Given Batman’s detachment from firearms, some wondered if we’d actually be getting a Batman skin, as it’s going to be kind of weird seeing him run around with assault rifles and miniguns and what not in the game, but I guess DC wanted Fortnite placement more than they wanted Batman to not touch any guns, so here we are.

These two skins add to the growing list of licensed characters in Fortnite, and actually creates a bit of a Marvel vs. DC situation, as this is a game that also has Black Widow and Star Lord skins you can use in combat as well. Here’s the full list, with these new additions. Super Smash Bros. vibes up in here:

  • Black Widow
  • Star Lord
  • John Wick
  • A Demigorgon from Stranger Things
  • Hopper from Stranger Things
  • A Psycho from Borderlands
  • An assortment of NFL players
  • Batman
  • Catwoman

When we first heard about the Batman event, I wondered if we might get a Joker skin instead. But I’ll take Catwoman as well and damn it, I’m probably just going to buy both because of course I am. See you in Gotham in a few hours.