We’ve all heard of women who spend hours doing their makeup for a “natural look”, but who look drained and exhausted without makeup! Wearing makeup all the time isn’t good for your skin, and at the end of the day, gorgeous as it may look on, it’s still better to enhance what you have already through bare-faced beauty.

So here’s some quick and easy tips for making the most of what you’ve got!

  1. Get enough sleep

You may have heard about Arianna Huffington’s “sleep revolution”, and the potential negative physical, emotional and even financial impacts of sleep deprivation. But what you might not have thought about is what it does to your looks! The term “beauty sleep” really does exist for a reason: lack of sleep shows up on your face even as soon as the next day, and has a cumulative effect as this bad habit carries on. Sleep really is a fountain of youth when it comes to your face: you’ll get less wrinkles, a glowing complexion, and brighter eyes with dark circles. Yet another reason to make sure you’re getting your 8 hours!

  1. Use sun protection

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the sun plays a major role in prematurely aging skin. In some countries, pale skin is admired and women already go to great efforts to avoid the sun, but in others, a tanned skin is considered beautiful and much of summer is spent on the beach or even in a sunbed! But while it may not show while they’re young, when they get older you can really tell the difference between women who spent their youth as beach-bunnies and women who limit their sun exposure and routinely wear sunscreen and a hat when they’re out in the sun. Of course, it’d be silly to entirely avoid the great outdoors just to avoid aging, but make sure you use sun protection – future you will be very grateful for the reduction in wrinkles and fine lines!

  1. Moisturize, moisturize!

This is an invaluable step. As you get older, your skin will become drier, and by quenching its thirst you can have supple, smooth skin. Make sure that you use a moisturizer that suits your skin type, as if you do have oily or combination skin you will still need to moisturize but also want to avoid break-outs. Many people find coconut oil to be a great moisturizer, and the good news is that it’s much cheaper than skincare formulations, and can also be used on your hair and on the rest of your body. It’s very nourishing, and your skin will become very soft.

  1. Microdermabrasion

You’d be surprised by the gunk that can get into your pores, especially if you live in an area with a lot of air pollution. Microdermabrasion is nicknamed the “lunchtime peel”, and it’s very effective in treating skin conditions like rosacea, as well as rejuvenating your skin and cleaning out the yukky stuff. It’s also quite a fast treatment; however, you will need to book in for multiple sessions to get maximum effect.

  1. Teeth whitening

So many guys say that what first attracted them to their partner is her lovely smile. We tend to focus on our skin and hair, but your smile really is part of what sets you apart. Unfortunately, even the loveliest smile doesn’t benefit from yellow teeth, and even if you’re meticulous with your tooth hygiene, you may still have yellowing. There’s a myriad of causes of teeth yellowing, some of which are coffee, tea, cola, wine, and certain medications. Of course, nobody is asking you to give up your morning coffee for a prettier smile: teeth whitening is an easy & safe procedure that provides immediate results, so you can still flash those gorgeous pearly whites. It’s extremely effective, and you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes to your overall look.

What are some of the easy tips that you and your friends use for bare-faced beauty? Comment below and let us know!