fb now has 1.65 billion users spending a median of fifty minutes a day on its systems (facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and so forth). the quantity of time spent in devotion of our on line selves now rivals the amount of time humanity spends in worship of the most important religions. Can the Catholic Church claim a billion and a half humans doing anything for nearly an hour an afternoon in provider to it? Can Islam? Buddhism can also come near, or Hinduism, however possibly not absolutely, ought toyou calculate the actual minutes of the day and the real quantity of worshippers.
Mark Zuckerberg discusses fb‘s 10 12 months timeline at F8 developers conference in San Francisco.
How fb‘s CTO stays in advance of the future
but we love ourselves and sharing aspects of ourselves with the world. Projecting the us that is match for the intake of others. Or some better, smarter, richer, sexier model of ourselves. it is only a image or a line of textual content, we’ve all the control in the world when we screen in small doses.

facebook‘s marketplace cap is $330 billion as a result of its explosive open to new highs this morning. it’sbuying and selling at extra than 13x sales and is now one of the maximum valuable groups within thehistory of planet Earth. you could say it should not be for reasons A, B, and C – and those could be rational evaluations. but has any organization before ever monopolized this a good deal of humanity’s time and interest, en masse, around the arena? Will any next company be capable of do so any time soon?

Prince George is featured in a photograph with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William, to mark theninetieth birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
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The excellent Bowl is the most extensively watched occasion in the international, and it’s because kind of 100 million humans watch it. fb would not get away from bed for that form of nightly audience. Andconsider the dollar amounts that the super Bowl commands for 30-2d advertisements. facebook‘sutilization is extra than 10X the extraordinary Bowl and it’s 24 / 7 / 365.

And here‘s the first-class elementno one expects to be paid whatever to create content for the platform.we are the soccer players. we’re the announcers. we’re the cheerleaders. We do it for free, out of the sheerjoy we experience from the exposition of ourselves. And we never lose interest of it.