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Like fitness, but unable to get into that mode as often as you would want to, owing to a packed week? You’re not alone. So many folks have been finding it tough to put in a quality workout from Monday to Friday. They try and make up for that on the weekend. This burgeoning group even has a name ‘weekend warriors’ and denotes those who much like their name, aggressively try and gain fitness benefits over a Saturday and Sunday.

But is this safe?
Not really, feel experts. There is risk of higher injury associated with trying to do so. A study found that trying to clock more miles a day or pushing the body to run too far, too fast, can have its downsides. Such high, infrequent exercise may be an over burst of activity that the body is not used to. So, if you have to run on a weekend do so in a more moderate manner, always after a good warm up and for just 30 minutes or so.

Tips to be a safe weekend warrior

1) Watch your diet:
Preparing for the weekend run actually starts through the week. Don’t overeat or indulge in heavy food on the other days, but have a balanced meal within the normal BMI (Body Mass Index).

2) Keep moving:
Think of this as a weekday warm-up. Try and do enough walking as well as activities like taking the stairs, from Monday to Friday, to condition your joints and muscles for the weekend run.

3) Mix things up:
Don’t just run on these two days. Also try swimming and pilates which will tone your body in different ways