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‘Yoga Ganga’ of Chandigarh Police Police: Poster boys spread message of health and yoga

The Chandigarh Police has witnessed deaths of several police personnel due to heart attack, sugar and diabetes. Some policemen have suffered brain stroke and paralysis attack in the recent past. At a time when Chandigarh Police personnel have been repeatedly found suffering

Yoga May Help Fight Back Pain In Astronauts: Study

LOS ANGELES: Yoga may help fight spinal stiffness and reduced mobility suffered by astronauts during prolonged spaceflight, a new study on NASA crew members suggests. While astronauts on long space missions do not experience a change in spinal disc height, the

Yoga education to benefit 16 lakh students: Manish Sisodia

Delhi teachers received yoga training from Baba Ramdev. There are over 1000 yoga and physical training teachers in across Delhi currently undergoing yoga training under the verdant leadership of Baba Ramdev at Patanjali, Haridwar. Stressing on the importance of physical education,