Nissan to buy majority stake in Mitsubishi motors

eleaguered automaker Mitsubishi may additionally get a short reprieve as word has emerged that Nissan willbuy a 33 per cent stake in them. They (Nissan) are anticipated to invest about 1.8 billion USD and the 33 in step with cent percentage would make Nissan Mitsubishi’s biggest shareholder.

If Nissan is going beforehand with the move, it is going to be a first-rate boost for Mitsubishi in phrases of capital, technical assist and manifestly growth of model variety. The business enterprise’s proportion valuetook a primary hit the day it introduced the scandal and has been suffering to come again from the identical.

Mitsubishi had on April 20 revealed that it had been falsifying gas economic system ratings for four models that it produced which includes that it synthetic for Nissan. It stated that it had carried out the desired testsimproperly to provide better intake charges.