Women and men from all around the world want to find a way to get rid of hair and they want the hair to disappear forever. There are so many hair removal methods that exist at the moment and the truth is that there is no option that will be permanent. However, most specialists agree that laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair. The problem is that this is a procedure that is not properly understood. So many myths exist and you should only talk to a specialist when you want to use it. The most common laser hair removal myths are the following ones. Dismiss them instantly.

Lasers Will Damage Internal Organs

This is just propaganda since laser beams will only go as deep as a limit that is set by the person using it. Lasers normally penetrate around one quarter of a millimeter inside the skin. The procedure is actually one of the safest cosmetic procedures at the moment. It is approved by the FDA and side effects are almost always temporary.

Laser Hair Removal Is Really Painful

The truth is the pain you feel during laser hair removal sessions is mild to moderate. Discomfort is quite bearable and you only feel a burning sensation in rare cases. Even then the levels are much lower than what people think. In fact, laser hair removal is a lot less painful than most other hair removal procedures that are available for us. In the event that the individual has a really low pain tolerance, surgeons can use numbing creams to make everything literally painless.

Lasers Won’t Work On Light Hair And Dark Skin

When the lasers first appeared those that had dark skin couldn’t use the hair removal method since skin burn risk existed. However, now technology advanced to the point at which literally anyone that wants to use laser hair removal can do so. We have no real constraints that are associated with this procedure. Even skin light hair can be removed so why not give it a go?

You Can Only Use Laser Hair Removal On The Face

In reality, laser hair removal can be used on almost all the body parts, including arms, legs, chest and face. Facial areas that are commonly treated are the upper lips and the chin. On your body the lasers can be utilized to remove hair present on feet, hands, neck, back, chest, thighs and abdomen. The bikini and under arm areas stand out as those that are the most commonly treated. Remember that you only have a limitation in using lasers around your eyes because this is dangerous.

Lasers Will Cause Skin Cancer

People nowadays tend to think that practically anything can cause cancer, including laser hair removal. This is completely incorrect, making it a myth without any foundation. The laser is really safe and is approved by the FDA so how can it actually cause skin cancer? You will not find any study that connects skin cancer with laser hair removal.