Land Rover may launch a coupe SUV next yearThe luxury coupe SUV market is currently one of the new segments being targeted by manufacturers and it looks like everyone wants a slice of the pie. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are currently the major players here and are likely to be joined by Land Rover next year.
The company is believed to be planning a new model that will have this body style and slot in between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Codenamed L560, this model will share its body and possibly engine lineup with the F-Pace. This is expected to include the hybrid setup as well as an all-electric model along the lines of the electric F-Pace.
Reports suggest that it could either be called the Range Rover Sport Coupe or the Evoque Plus. It will get a four-seater layout with a sloping rear roofline to keep in line with the design philosophy of the coupe SUV body style.

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