The world of medicine is constantly changing and evolving thanks in part to its close relationship with technology. As such, breakthroughs in tech often result in new and previously impossible advancements in medicine. This symbiotic relationship has saved numerous lives throughout history, the modern age being no different in this regard. For example, here are three cutting edge pieces of medical equipment you should know about.

1. Robotic Surgery Arms

As robotics technology advances more and more, we can expect to see it integrated into all different areas of our lives. One place where this is already a reality is the field of medicine, with robotic surgery arms becoming more prevalent in various types of procedures. Given that robotic arms are steadier than any human hand and can more easily make precise motions, a skilled surgeon could operate to their full potential through these enhancements, saving more lives more cleanly.

2. Open MRI Scanners

The open mri scanner is a redesigned version of the more traditional MRI device. Unlike the normal tunnel MRI scanner most are familiar with, these devices provide the same quality internal scanning with additional room by opening things up. This is both more comfortable for the patient and extra working space for technicians.

3. 3D Printers

3D printing is all the rage these days, turning raw materials into precisely printed replicas of the plans fed to them at a fraction of the cost this kind of process would normally incur. While 3D printing is still in its infancy, the medical applications both go without saying and are already being implemented in many hospitals. Prosthetic limbs, form-fitting braces and casts, practice models made with startling detail, and much more are available to clinics making use of this technology.

As medicine continues to advance, we’ll be seeing many more technological marvels knocking at our doorstep. In the meantime, these are three of the most advanced pieces of medical equipment available in the world today.