TNN | January 11, 2017
Amazing facts about human body

1/15Amazing facts about human body
The way human body reacts or change is undoubtedly a mystical phenomenon. Eighty per cent of your brain consists of water and has the ability to light a 10-watt bulb. Your stomach gets a new inner lining every three to four days. Here we bring some unusual and interesting facts about the human body that will leave you amazed
Your skin sheds!

2/15Your skin sheds!
If you think that it is only your pet that has shedding problems, this fact may surprise you. The human skin sheds about 600,000 particles every hour! This way your skin is renewing itself and shedding dead cells.
The power of smell

3/15The power of smell
Our smelling power may not be as strong as a dog, yet our nose can remember up to 50,000 fragrances.
Is your skin clear?

4/15Is your skin clear?
No matter how frequently you are washing your face, it has about 32 million bacteria on it. But don’t worry, most of them are harmless.
Count your bones again

5/15Count your bones again
When you were a baby, you had 350 bones, but with growing age, the bones fuse together. As a result, the human body ends up with only 206 bones.