The internet has been a bonanza to yoga. In days gone by a person interested in yoga had to find a studio by luck.

There are many different types and styles of yoga: some are strenuous and complex while others are gentle and easy; someone walking in from off the street would not notice the differences. With the internet, interested people are able to do their homework and find what’s right for them. Entire programs can be downloaded and printed. If you’re interested, create and tailor printable yoga routines to fit your needs.

Yoga routines come in two types: static and flowing. A static pose is one in which there is a starting point, then the bend is made and held for a period, and a return to the starting point. A flowing routine moves from pose to pose in a predetermined manner. A pose may be held for a period, but it is followed by another pose. If you are new to yoga take an inventory of yourself: determine your weak points and strong points, then design a routine around that. Newcomers might find it beneficial to start with simple poses, while the more athletically inclined might enjoy a more strenuous routine. Whatever your choice, you will find the Internet a great place to create one that best suits you.

Of all yoga routines, none is more famous than the Sun Salutation. Many people perform this when they first wake up. It is an excellent way to do some preliminary stretches before starting regular routine and is often used for just that in many studios. Type in “sun salutation” and you will see numerous pictures with which to devise your own printable yoga routines. To understand how the pose flows, go to YouTube or some similar website and you will find videos of people performing it.

There are many excellent websites that assist you in creating a routine. The Yoga Journal has one of the best. Go to Here you will find levels of exercises for beginners, intermediates, and experts. It offers a variety of free, printable yoga routines. What makes this site so good is the abundance of poses you can choose from and the ability to craft your own routine as well. Other websites with printable routines can be found by searching for “free printable yoga routines”. With such abundance of sites, you are sure to find the right set of exercises that can be printed out and used anywhere.