1. Yoga & Wellness Retreat to South India

23 Sep 2015 – 2 Oct 2015

Cochin, Kerala, India

9 nights

Daily yoga practice in the cradle of yoga with renown Indian instructor. The tour involves traditional and exotic sessions, sunrise and sunset meditations at beach, body massage, and cooking workshops. Key expenses (accommodation, meals, transfers) are included in the package. The advantages are English language support and a diverse cultural program.

2. Women’s Run & Yoga Retreat with Wine Tasting in Napa

28 Aug 2015 – 30 Aug 2015

California, USA

2 nights

The tour focuses on yoga routines tailored specifically to runners. The retreat will be held at the beautiful Mountain Home Ranch just 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. Day program involves lessons in proper alignment and posture, energy efficiency, breathing techniques, and mindful and meditative techniques, while in the evening you can relax and taste local Sonoma wine with the girls.


3. Men’s Yoga Retreat

9 Oct 2015 – 15 Oct 2015


6 nights

This retreat is a mix of yoga, meditation, and sightseeing. You’ll have 2 outdoor classes in Pranayama yoga every day held by Dennis Dehler and Jared Sam. Big Buddha & Chalong Temple, Thai cooking class, SPA visit, and Phuket viewpoints are included in the program.


4. Art of Life Yoga and Raw Food Retreat

27 Sep 2015 – 3 Oct 2015


6 nights

“Art of life” is a week with yoga, meditation, gourmet vegan raw food cuisine, and local Balinese culture. You should join it if you want to extend your knowledge of movement and posture and get a great energy boost. This retreat will suit anyone from beginners to experienced yogis.

5. Yoga and Wellness Retreat

22 Oct 2015 – 26 Oct 2015


4 nights

If you seek warm climate, sunny beaches, and a rich cultural experience at a reasonable price, Mexico is a good option. This 4-day retreat will recharge your energy and rebuild healthy habits. It includes daily morning yoga, self-massage techniques, and classes in fitness, cooking, and wellness. Calendar will be rather packed, but still you’ll have enough time to lie in the sun, surf and relax.

You’re guaranteed to bring back bright memories, new skills, and a wave of inspiration for the year ahead.


6. Yoga Teacher Training in Croatia

22 Aug 2015 – 15 Sep 2015


24 nights

The program involves both theoretical and practical training in all aspects of yoga. You’ll have asana and pranayama classes twice daily as well as regular chanting and meditation sessions. There’s everything you need to plunge into yoga: English language support, daily meals, individual and group instructions.

7. Yoga Teacher Training Ibiza

28 Jun 2015 – 19 Jul 2015


21 nights

This course covers all the key aspects of yoga, so it’s particularly useful for beginners in teaching yoga. 200-hours program includes Pranayama (breathing exercises), Mudras, meditation, Classic and Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology, Yogic Philosophy etc. You will study the eight limbs of yoga, Bhakti Yoga chanting, and Ayurveda basics.

8. Soul Radiance: A Meditation and Self Discovery Retreat

9 Oct 2015 – 11 Oct 2015

Arizona, United States

2 nights

This retreat offers a nice break from the daily hustle and bustle so that you can focus on being mindful and present in the moment. We’ll reach it through mindfulness movement and self-discovery exercises, as well as silent and guided meditations. Both first-timers and yoga retreat junkies will enjoy this amazing journey of self-discovery and yoga inspiration.

9. Bali Yoga and Meditation Retreat

15 Nov 2015 – 22 Nov 2015


7 nights

The program includes yoga classes in the morning and an hour of breathing practices and meditation in the evening. The tour takes place in a non-touristy part of Northern Bali so you’re bound to enjoy the quiet walks along the beach or spa during the day. This tour will encourage your physical, mental and emotional recharging and create a great foundation for consistent and joyful practice for the rest of year.

10. Yoga & Surf for Women

20 Sep 2015 – 27 Sep 2015


7 nights

Great surfing, warm water, and amazing food. The tour, designed with women’s wants and needs in mind, focuses on safe and injury-free surfing and pre-surfing activities. You’ll learn to kitesurf and surf on the warm and long waves in Peru. Certified yoga teacher will teach you how to recover from intense sessions, stretch and relax. The camp includes daily kitesurf and wavering group lessons, kite sisters kit, and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification.