People often like to hold on to things they have collected over time, but these items can start to get old and outdated. Hanging on to stuff often means wasted space and sometimes even potential. You can declutter, as well as make some extra money by selling things you don’t use anymore. Here are a few examples of what you could get out of your house.


Clothes can pile up in your closet for years without you ever wearing them. A lot of people will buy an outfit and wear it once, only to put it in the back of the closet.  There are those who are willing to pay a decent amount of money for gently worn outfits. Depending on the name brand, you may also find that the clothing will sell for more.


People go through phases of wearing certain rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. After some time, the pieces may not be in style anymore, or the owner just doesn’t want to wear them. If you have jewelry laying around, you can take it to a shop that gives cash for gold near me. You can also sell precious stones such as diamonds or pearls.

Sporting Goods

If you have kids, you may notice that various sporting gear can pile up rather quickly. This type of equipment is often size and sport-specific, which means it’s only good for a short amount of time. If your family no longer needs the gear, you can sell it to others who may be looking to get the items without being able to pay top dollar. Sometimes people will buy used things to see if they actually enjoy the sport before getting serious about it.

There are various things around your house that you may not even know you have. If you do not want something, you may be able to sell it and make a few dollars off of it.