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Smoking speeds up ageing by twenty years: Study – 5 tips to keep your skin young, radiant and glowing

Skin ageing is a problem faced by many women. A recent study discovered that smoking can speed up ageing by more than 20 years. You can avoid ageing by practising proper skin care, eating healthy and more. Smoking speeds up ageing

#MeToo sparked surge in awareness about sexual harassment: study

Now there’s evidence that the #MeToo movement sparked more than mere conversation about sexual abuse in the United States. Google searches for information about sexual harassment and assault—as well as reporting or preventing such behavior—spiked in the months after actress Alyssa

This Diet Is Secret To Long Life: Study

Diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, nuts, olive oil and canola oil do not just sustain good health but also increase your life expectancy too, says a new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. The findings suggest that those