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Get off that couch to beat dementia: Experts to older folks

Sedentary older adults with no genetic risk factors for dementia may be just as likely to develop the disease as those who are genetically predisposed, researchers, including one of Indian origin, have warned. The study , which followed more than 1,600

Why Older People Struggle To Hear In Noisy Places

NEW YORK:  Something must be going on in the brains of older adults that causes them to struggle to follow speech amid background noise, even when their hearing would be considered normal, researchers from University of Maryland have determined. Researchers Samira

Laughter With Exercise May Boost Health In Older Adults

Incorporating laughter into a physical activity programme may improve older adult’s mental health, aerobic endurance and confidence in their ability to exercise, according to a new study. In the study, led by researchers from Georgia State University in the US, older